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Artist: “I need a website.”

Translation: “What I really need is a way to sell my art online!”

ArtLauncher.Online: “We have all the tools, but more importantly the training, you need to do just that!”

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All the tools you need to succeed online:

  • Beautiful, easy-to-edit website templates.
  • E-commerce specifically tailored to selling all types of art.
  • High-resolution image zoom without exposing high-res images for download.  Protect your art while allowing collectors to see every brush stroke!
  • Online marketing tools for web, email, and social networking.
  • Advanced form builders to create questionnaires for your readers (among other things).
  • Coming soon: Frame previews from PictureFrames.com.

All the training you need to succeed online:

  • How to create content (besides your art) to attract collectors to your website.
  • How to use online marketing tools to attract collectors.
  • How to launch your art in a series to make art sales online.
  • How to use ArtLauncher.Online’s site editing tools to customize your site.
  • Specific action plans to walk you through your first successful art launch!

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  • Private instructional content to help you launch your art online.
  • Support for setting up your site and doing your first successful art launch.
  • Coming soon: Frame and print order fulfillment and big discounts from PictureFrames.com.