What is ArtLauncher.Online?


“I need a website”…said pretty much every artist in the last 10+ years.  However, once acquired, a website by itself does very little to make online sales.  Crowds don’t magically appear wielding credit cards.  Just because you built it, doesn’t mean they will come. Even great art doesn’t sell itself, either in physical galleries or online.

Artists need not just a website, but online marketing tools and training as to how to make them all work together. That’s where ArtLauncher.Online seeks to help.  We created ArtLauncher.Online because we saw a need to focus more on the holistic tools and training required to connect with collectors online.  We knew artists who had been successful for decades in galleries and shows, who were using other major artist website providers but who had not yet made any sales online.  We discovered ways that enabled even artists brand new at selling their art to make $1000+ painting sales online. By taking proven internet marketing techniques and applying them to art sales, we’ve developed a model that works.

In fact, we’re so confident that it will work for you that we’re willing to guarantee it.  For people who sign up for the annual plan and follow our process, at the end of your first year we guarantee that your online art sales (not counting shipping and tax) will be greater than the cost of an annual membership, or you can close your account and we’ll pay you back the difference (see full details here).  Sign up, follow our process, and you’ve got nothing to lose.  If you’re serious about selling your art online, we’re your best resource to do it.  Guaranteed.

We look forward to helping you launch your art online!

The ArtLauncher.Online Team