A Guarantee?  Seriously?!?

We may sound crazy, but really we’re not! We’re just confident that our system works.  Our guarantee is simple.  For those who sign up for the annual plan, we’re going to guarantee that the website will have paid for itself by the end of the first year.  Here are the details:

  1. When your free trial is about to expire, we’ll send you a reminder that it’s time to pick a service plan.  If you pick the annual plan, you’ll get the following extra benefits that you don’t get with the monthly plan:
    • The equivalent of 2 months free.  Monthly plans cost $30/month, but the annual is $299, saving you $61/year.
    • Free support migrating your existing website to ArtLauncher.Online.
    • This amazing guarantee (read on).
  2. Follow our step-by-step plan to selling art online.  Generally speaking it includes the following steps (all well documented in our educational materials):
    • Customize your website using our easy-to-use tools.
    • Set up your email list and invite everyone you know to join it, enticing them with great incentives. Use our tools and techniques to grow your email list even bigger.  We also have tools to use social networking, but email is literally 20 times more effective.  Both serve a purpose.
    • Send out questionnaires to your email list (using our built-in form builder) to find out what inspires them in art. This will enable you to create art they’ll love, and you’ll love to create.
    • Create your art series (working in series creates a theme and a story).  Launch your art series using blog posts, videos, and psychological tools your audience will love.  The methods are all well documented in our training materials.  You can do this!
    • Make your online art sales!
  3. If, at the end of the first year, your art sales are less than the $299 annual membership fee, we’ll give you back the difference.  Yes, really!  For example, if you only sell one painting for $250 (not including taxes and shipping), you can cancel your subscription and we’ll give you back $49.
  4. We’re confident you won’t do that, though, because the system really does work, and you won’t find a better deal for a more feature-rich art marketing platform anywhere.   For example:
    • Just to get comparable email marketing software, you’d pay about $20/month for an AWeber or MailChimp subscription. We’ve used them for our own art websites before starting ArtLauncher.Online.  We like them, but they are overkill for most artists. We found a system to integrate that’s easier to use and it’s included in your ArtLauncher.Online membership.
    • To get a cheap hosted website, you’d pay $5-10/month.  Those 2 line items alone add up to the cost of ArtLauncher.Online.  However…
    • We’re the only ones who also give you all of the following features:
      • Form building capabilities to build questionnaires to find out what your collectors want to see.
      • High resolution image zoom, so your collectors can see every brush stroke, but can’t download the high res image to enable them to make prints themselves for free.
      • Great shipping/delivery options, including not only UPS based on weight and package dimensions, but also local delivery and local pickup within a radius you define.
      • Tax calculations provided by TaxJar, giving you the power to sell in the US, Canada, and dozens of other countries throughout Europe and Asia, and automatically have your system calculate the right taxes.  Don’t understand VAT taxes?  Don’t worry, TaxJar does!
    • Also, coming soon:
      • Wholesale deals on framing, matting and printing through our partnership with PictureFrames.com.
      • Frame and mat previewing so your collectors can get just the presentation they want for your art.
      • Future versions of ArtLauncher.Online will even enable galleries and artists to work together to manage inventory.  Are you in a gallery?  When you launch a series, you need to make sure you don’t sell the same painting on your website and on the gallery site!  If you are on ArtLauncher.Online, and the gallery is too, then you can add your art piece once and it will show up on your site and the gallery’s site. Then when it sells one place, it will be marked sold in both places!

Like we said, at the end of the first year you can cancel and we’ll pay you back the difference if the service doesn’t pay for itself, but if you’re serious about selling your art online, it will work and you won’t want to give up this great service!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  We’d love to hear from you!

The ArtLauncher.Online Team